Starlight Drive-In Atlanta

For those who live in the metro NYC area, what do you know about a drive-in movie? Well L3GACI Atlanta has found an interesting spot to watch the latest movie outdoors!

It’s too early in the morning to watch a movie, but there are other things a spot like this can host! Outdoor flea market! So as I walk around the market, I come across an interesting table! The T-Shirt Factory, T-Shirt lady, thinking outside the box! As I chatted with Iesia Earl, CEO/Promotional Consultant, Of the T-shirt Factory, I gained a wealth of knowledge about the great area of Atlanta, and what is needed in the community! Thanks Iesia, brooklyn native!

The heat and sun started to take a toll on me, so I decided it was time to go, but not before I picked up some Egyptian cotton linen (king size) for $20 bucks, what a steal!

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