Prosthetik Intelligentz & Audible Doctor


Prosthetik Intelligentz x Audible Doctor present to you the first offering from their upcoming collaboration self-titled “Audible Intelligentz.” Let it play.
Mother-mother may I?
Love Mrs. Stella
Maurice or Mrs. Weaver she’s the go-getta

Kept me outta the streets and in the church seats
Call it the pew in the south
I owe her everything,

Growing up I was knucklehead
Pastor said that I’d end up in the system and after that dead

Graduated Highschool
I’m back in college now
Who would’ve thought that you could break the rules and get ahead?

Burned a couple bridges,
Mended many fences
Been in the middle of some pretty weird coincidences

Missed the mark by inches
Not very often is the human will Allah’s intentions

But never-mind it

Look hard enough-
-You’ll the answer
Rather fall by the sword
Then at the hand of brain or colon cancer

My uncle Willie spirit
Whispering his last will testament surely fancies only the necromancer

The happy dancer
Hopeless romancer

– Written by Ezzie B. of Prosthetik Intelligentz

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