Old Skool Flow

1. Knowing that your from Dallas Texas, I immediately assumed a certain style of music before listening to Old Skool Flow. As I soon learned, the opening beat brought me to experience and appreciate the unexpected out of Dallas, yet I could not place you into a categorical East coast Vs. West coast sound. What would you say has culturally shaped your music style? Did you grow up listening to Jazz or classical music?

​A) I was raised listening to a wide range of sounds. My parent’s were not too big on hip-hop/rap when I was growing up, so I listened to all kinds of things. To be honest, my 1st favorite song was Sade’s “Smooth Operator”, even though it came out way before I was born.

2. Are there any artists you draw your inspiration from?

​A) Anyone to ever grace a mic gracefully. I love music in general so everyone I hear (and enjoy), provides inspiration. Right now I’m really into how sick Rakim, Big L, & 3Stacks were in their heyday. Also, new people like Lupe, Danny, and Kendrick.

3. As I listen through the tracks on your Soundcloud. I noticed that your take on Hip Hop/ Rap has a Jazz feel, did you choose this style to set your music apart or is this something you felt most at home with?

​A) I feel more at home on tracks that have meaning and body. I don’t try and set myself apart, I just stay myself.

4. I was amazed with your prolific word choice and flow. For example in “A Million”, I was lyrically intoxicated when you justified your actions for Presidents. Your easygoing flow had a college Professor feel. Can you describe the process of how you lyrically create your art?

​A) I don’t think I have ever heard it put like that, Thank you for the compliment. But, strangely enough my main objective when I write is to see how far I can push the limit. I want to make you break the rewind button on whatever device your listening on. I take the “bars” I write personally. If you’re going to take the 3-5 min out of your life to listen to my music, the least I can do is try and blow your mind with each line.

5. Your music has a good sense of history behind it and of substance. How has your education influenced your music?

​A) Funny you ask. I actually just got my bachelor’s in computer science. I was always the kid that loved to learn and my music is just an extension of that.

6. With much substance behind your music, what message do you hope listeners to gain from your music?

A) Hope, Knowledge, and Good Times.

7. At L3GACI (legacy), The Taste of Art & Culture Lifestyle, We believe in creating an environment where knowledge is obtained. We work to inspire others to do the same and collectively we will Evolve Society for the better for everyone. What L3GACI do you hope to accomplish with your Musical talent?

A ) I hope to change the world, and become one of the greats. Hope for the needy and empower the meek. Knowledge is a powerful thing and if I can instill good vibes into my fans, I will have made it.

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