Buck Brim

1. I would like to begin with your stage name, Buck Brim, what does it stand for and where did it come from?

Buck Brim: is My Stage Name As well as my NeighborHood Name..
I am apart of a Brother Hood Called “Brim” and my name is Buck so I just put em together !

2. Knowing the area of linden, growing up as a child, would you say that your roots in your music has been influenced by California living or your transition to New Jersey ?

Yes Linden New Jersey has a very strong influence on my music ..
And my roots also !
I’ve never been to Cali.. I hope too soon tour there I have alot of Cali Supporters from Twitter and ReverbNation! They are very supportive and Loyal to me and my whole #LoyaltyGANG movement !

3. The track Love Linden gives off the feeling that you have had your fair share of hardships, do you find your community or family help you to overcome these struggles?

“Love Linden” that song was Dedicated To My whole Community something for them to Listen to and Replay to others and Feel Comfortable sayin I’m From Linden and Be proud to say it!
My Family & Friends Help me out alot dealing with the Hardships of wats going on in our community today..
Everyone needs Sometype of Support system to make there Grind easier !

4. Where do you see your music taking you?

It’s funny u asked this question.. Because last night I was Watching the Grammy’s and was sayin to myself I can’t wait to receive a Grammy.. Or get nominated along side greats..
Yet Still I wanna Go Further than that.. I wanna tour the world and preform visit different countries and most of all lend a helping hand to those in need.. Because its Really Rough out here !! I really just wanna share my story with the world and provide for my family and those in need !

5. Listening to your reverb nation tracks, I could not help to notice that your sound is similar to Albee Al, an amazing artist himself. I have had the privilege in working with his brother and currently working with his mother , do you see yourself working with him on any tracks upcoming tracks?

“Albee Al” I can go on all day about him..
Thas my brother he’s really the reason I started rapping…
We used to go anywhere and people would say “thas Albee al” and I really liked the love he received for keeping it real and sharing his story .. I used to sit in the studio and watch him transform from Albee Al the Gangster to Albee Al the Artist! No Games in the studio all work he’d only say a few words while working never took a break until the whole song was completed and getting mixed down.. I picked up that work ethic & Grind from him and tuned it up!

As soon as he comes home we are gonna lock in the Studio..
I can’t wait I kno it’s gonna be CRAZYYY ! I’m actually kinda anxious & nervous at the same time..

6. What do you hope listeners can gain from your music?

I want my listeners gain inspiration and a chance to get a look at real life !

7. And Lastly, what L3GACI( legacy) do you hope to leave behind with your music?

Quality Honest Music That all people can Relate too!!
Music that’ll change ur views on life and make u value it more !


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