Meet James: Korean-born, Pennsylvania-raised chocolate milk addict, ex-iPhone user, and our very own footwear designer.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Enough shoes and their respective boxes to build a small fort in my living room. 

What blogs do you check frequently for inspiration?

I am constantly on blogs and websites throughout the day, so it has become a part of my life in terms of getting news and being relevant. As for inspiration, I tend to get it a lot from the people and things around me. Here are 4 blogs of my good friends, who have directly or indirectly influenced a project I have worked on, check them out!

What’s the best part of your day?

The best part of the work day is when we get our protos in from our factory. It’s like Christmas in the office. We finally get to see the completed shoes after working on them a month or so prior.

Which American President has the best style?

I’ll go with my instinct and say JFK. He was a purveyor of classic American style. Think Ray-bans, Lincoln Continentals, and PF Flyers – classic and  timeless products that you can imagine him using. Also, he grew up in the neighborhood I currently reside in so he gets bonus points for that!

Any closing thoughts?

I’m hungry.


Center Hi or Center Lo: Center Hi

East Coast or West Coast: East Coast

Preferred Mode of Transportation: Bike

Last Movie You Loved: Mighty Ducks 2

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