In 1802 a slave was born in North Carolina, on a plantation owned by Peter R. Davis, a wealthy slave owner and business man, whose storefront still exist to this day. This slave was named Tripp Davis, surname to his owner, who worked the fields picking cotton. Tripp had a destiny to succeed in life, despite the laborious task of his life being threatened everyday, fear of his family being separated and sold, in a world that is still filled with hate. As a 7th generational heir to such a great man, not much has changed in terms of ones life being threatened because of ones greed to overpower the other, or being separated or isolated to be sold out for someones else personal gain, with hatred so fierce and defined, that a community is forced to kill one another because of an outsiders claim to dominance.  Why am I writing this? What does it have to do with you?

“Be not frightened of anything of your opponent, because it is a clear sign of their destruction” is a passage from the bible, that illustrates the importance overcoming your enemy.  Your enemy comes in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, with perverse speech to confuse and distort your conscious awareness of their undermining objectives.  Tripp’s destiny was not to abolish his hardships, but to take control of the enemy that wanted control his future and mind.  Your thoughts are powerful, they create, evolve, and inspire. The enemy knows how powerful thoughts are, so they will send out legions of weak minded individuals, through all sorts of criminal coercion’s, and manipulations to tap into your thoughts to control you. The old saying is , ” entertain a fool, and you become a fool yourself”, cannot be further from the truth. A fool has nothing to lose because he has already orchestrated your downfall, and he wins when you lose.  Even a fool seems wise when he is silent, but the pressure of not doing harm is to great not to plot another attack.

Refuse to listen to negative people, recall past victories, and believe in what is right and good for you.  It all begins with forgiveness. Tripp did not hate his slave owner, nor did he worry about yesterday or tomorrow threats, nor did he fear being separated from his family in a world filled with hate.  Tripp decided to accept each day that was given to him to forgive what was done yesterday, today, and what was to come the next day.  He refused to listen to the negative thoughts that others wanted him to digest, he recalled the victories of yesterday and how he overcame them, and he believed it  was good for him,  to live to forgive.   Forgiveness is not a weakness, it is a strength that only comes when you realize you cant be hurt any longer.  Its freedom from pain, fear, hurt , and love that has accumulated in your thoughts that you have finally released . Its your freedom, Tripp’s freedom, and its a generational L3GACI. 20130522-101450.jpg



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