Time to Visit CUBA……


As we start our journey to Cuba, many things come to mind. What is the culture? How do conduct myself so I don’t stand out as a tourist? Where do I stay? How long can I stay in Cuba? What do I eat or drink while im there? What do I wear?  Can I drink the water?

DSC_0200 Thanks to a great friend, All of our expenditures will be afforded with a native Cuban
American, where we can understand much more fully firsthand, the smells, taste, and sounds of Cuba.

DSC_0501DSC_0557 Travel to Cuba…..July 21st to 23rd. Due to US Restrictions, we are limited in our query on the island to three days. Rest assured, L3GACI will capture every moment, and give detailed info on the Taste of Art and Culture of Cuba.

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