$1,299, can pay your rent for a month, a couple of car payments with two insurance payments, or buy you that hooptie that will keep you from walking in the snow. Yet, you special order the #iphone because you can summon #uber if it snows, #ipay your rent, and #isavemoney by catching the bus mentality, because your #selfie will look better than everyone else’s and you used no filters! But for the rest of us who desperately need to update our phones before we are the laughing stock in the dating game, this phone will give you that long overdue sex appeal and attention you so desire. #l3gaci#urbanoutfitters #apple #appleiphone#newarknj #eastorange #montclair#technology #augmentedreality

UPDATE: Time Magazine just mentioned that the wealthier 1% are not purchasing the more expensive Iphone, because their priorities have shifted to more quality services, unique shops, healthcare, and retirement! #Timemagazine

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