Last Sunday Breakfast, Don’t let it happen this Time!


Really? You know you can’t sleep late ( Unless you had an intense workout and your muscles need to recover) because your body is accustomed to your weekday schedule. Your in bed, staring at the ceiling because the sun is invading your windows, and your stomach growls. Your significant other is sound asleep and you had your fair share of Ice Cream, and the ripple hits the sheets, and you finally jump out of bed, avoiding a hit even your mother would laugh at. So you rush out of the bedroom and make a phone call to #postmatesdelivery to have breakfast delivered from your favorite diner ( yes I’m from #jersey) and make things all good. Tip: read our previous post “facial Expressions” to get out of any situation! Happy Sunday, gotta grind Monday……#lemongrass #culture #art#urbangardening #nyc #funnyshit#eastorange #newyork #newjersey#newarknj #montclairstateuniversity#unionnj #postmates #jerseycity

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