Weekend Fun…….



So you’ve made it to the end of the work week, and your excited for the next 2 days off. Ok, so what do you have planned? Washing clothes, grocery shopping, getting your car fixed, painting your bathroom , cutting the lawn, sitting in the emergency room because you stubbed your big toe on the dresser you planned on moving? Yeah, that sounds about right, your weekend your excited about, doing the same old thing you did last weekend that you did not finish. We get so comfortable doing the same old things that we miss out on activities that can enhance our lifestyle. When was the last time you took a walk in the park (beer included), or went to #urbanoutfitters and unfolded majority of their clothes because you want to look like this handsome cartoon character writing this post? Do something fun, no money intended ( except $1.25 for that cheap beer to walk in the park with) , explore #urbanoutfitters , dust off your new bike that hasn’t seen daylight in months, you only have 2 days off. Enjoy. Explore. Engage. #lemongrass #culture #art#weekend #friday #endofsummer #explore#nyc #unionnj #newarknj #newark#eastorange #newjersey #inspiration




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