Highly Sensitive People

Loud music, Large crowds, negative environments, shouting and enraged emotions…… The subtle sounds of sirens, glaring lights, water dripping, clutter and chaos will drive you crazy? But a peaceful environment filled with nature and natural lighting , aromas that relax your mind, and deep conversations about anything meaningful will delight you? You’re not alone! We are going to take a journey together with meaningful, respectful , insights into the world in which we live.  I highly recommend reading “The Highly Sensitive Person ” by ELAINE N. ARON, Ph. D. on How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You.

You see, being an HSP has its good and bad traits, that we have to balance in order for society not to label us as weird or neurotic unbalanced people. As quoted ” We are a packaged deal, however, Our trait of sensitivity means we will also be cautious, inward, needing extra time alone, because people without this trait (The Majority of Society) do not understand that, they see us as timid, shy, weak, or the greatest sin of all, unsociable. Fearing these labels, we try to be like others. Tut that leads to our becoming overaroused and distressed. Thats when we get labeled crazy!

We think more than others, by having a conversation with someone while in deep thoughts about something else. We tend to be more creative, thoughtful , attentive , standoffish , kind hearted individuals . We cherish alone time as much as we do dealing with large crowds. We are very sociable, but have our limits.

More to come……this subject will enlighten you to become the person you want to be, and not the acting person others feel you to be.


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