Life Challenges

We all have come across the two faced person at work that is always starting chaos, the jealous constituent (suppose to be your friend) who needs to outshine you and will bash your name behind your back , to the aging Adult Parent of Adult children whom they need to marginalize to stay youthful and in control.

Good News!!!

Your not alone in observing and trying to manage a balanced life with others who thoughts control their negative behaviors. Your consciously living an independent life that is fulfilling and rewarding to you! The problem with narcissistic behavior in others is that your a threat to a fantasy filled dream of theirs and they need to marginalize you at all cost!

The old saying, ” believe what people tell you about themselves, and not what you want to see in them”. We all have challenging imperfections , and when you acknowledge them in a conscious manner, knowing your limitations and your strengths you are on a path of enriching your life and others you love.