Configa Presents: “Calm Before the Storm”

Configa Presents: “Calm Before the Storm” Mix tape, a 20 track mix tape album featuring the underground artist of the UK and USA that are keeping real hip hop alive. UK producer Configa, brings another dynamic combination of sounds that give his listeners the tools to kick back and vibe out. Taking on the role of the Producer for these 20 tracks,  featuring artist such as,  T.D. Francis, Fatale, and L3GACI favorite John Graham, he offers a glimpse into his upcoming album “Inside the Echo Chamber”, (due to be released early 2012.)

“Calm Before the Storm” is a smooth blend of old school hip hop, with new school productions. Having lyrics touching on the issues of keeping “Real” hip-hop alive, “Lets be real about it, when you think about hip-hop right now how you feel about it, are you looking for that lyric appeal when days past remembering how real it sounded, me too, so here the reason we need you, turn off the radio, turn up what we do, they aint real, their avatars, I see blue…”, (lyrics from ‘Back 2 Basics’ ft. John Graham).   Just a sample of what you can expect from the entire mix tape, there’s nothing to do but hear the sounds for yourself.  Download the Mix tape now and enjoy the ride of Configa’s L3GACI in the making.

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