Time Flies Even When You’re Not Having Fun

Destiny by Bishop T.D Jakes says, ” Take Steps to Protect Your Priceless Commodity”.  The sooner you develop a mind-set for Destiny,  the more days you will have to devote your gifts to the world. The more efficiently you use time to get to know youself,  the greater opportunity to make the most of the days you are given on earth. Appreciate the value of time by focusing on what’s in front of you , not by lamenting what’s behind you.


Everyday is a withdraw from the bank of time. Time is priceless. Mind your own busy-ness. Beware of the fast pursuit of destiny. Savor every moment in time. Destiny doesn’t retire. Take your eyes off the clock. Don’t die in your nest, explore all options of life, and leave a L3GACI.  Destiny by T.D Jakes.

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