Workplace Chronicles Sexual Harassment

Some forms of sexual harassment include:

  • Making conditions of employment or advancement dependent on sexual favors, either explicitly or implicitly.
  • Physical acts of sexual assault.
  • Requests for sexual favors.
  • Verbal harassment of a sexual nature, including jokes referring to sexual acts or sexual orientation.
  • Unwanted touching or physical contact.
  • Unwelcome sexual advances.
  • Discussing sexual relations/stories/fantasies at work, school, or in other inappropriate places.
  • Feeling pressured to engage with someone sexually.
  • Exposing oneself or performing sexual acts on oneself.
  • Unwanted sexually explicit photos, emails, or text messages.

New Year, New Happenings, Continuing a L3gaci

Back in 2009 when Eddie approached me about L3gaci, it was just a baby. An idea he was starting to cultiavte, something he had in his mind. He wanted it to grow, wanted to make it into a tangible idea. As we talked we found we had similar dreams, similar ideas of not wanting it to just be a job, not just a career, but a lifestyle. Over the next few weeks, we realized together we could make this happen. While networking we made friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that could help up along this journey. Partnering up
with a few family members, and Mr. Utmost joining our team over the span of 2010 we grew our dream. We saw L3gaci take on a life of its own, with every video, post, entry and article we saw the hits
stream in. We saw new followers on our twitters, we started to get
feedback on our Facebook, we saw the response. Now generating over thousands of hits on our Facebook and website, we see that the want for us is there. We came up with new concepts over the past year, creating outlets for local bands, artist, venus and events. We design flyers, posters, do photo shoots, and write reviews on
everything and anything. We’re launching our official t33-shirt line and looking to have a store location locked in by this year. We’re making leaps and strides here to see our dream take off. With much praying, hoping, and positive thinking we’re seeing our L3gaci make it. We dream to create not just a tee-shirt, not just a lounge, but create a culture. Create a movement, shape the culture around us, use what we were given to create a lifestyle. We want to thank all our followers and supporters in this past year and hope you follow us into the new year. We hope for L3gaci to only go further from where we are at now and we can only do that with your help and continued support. “At L3GACI we understand that we cannot bring you success, but wearing our vintage label, has benefits!”