Skate City Apple Arcade

Skate City is a profound enticing game to play, and here’s why! The realistic graphics will have you wondering the pitfalls of really skateboarding without the pain and injury but having fun instead. You can find yourself exploring the city all the while trying new tricks that enhance your leadership score against other users.

We have only begun playing this immersive game, as we navigate the many tricks you can perform. And so far it’s been intriguing! We give this a three star out of five thus far, as we continue to advance our skills, and share some exciting tricks with you.

Ever Wonder

Ever wonder how we get our articles done? We say it time and time again, Ipad. Using its multiple tasking tools we can do so much at once, run 9 screens at once to get our info, upload our videos and pictures with a simple USB attachment, even have a wireless keyboard that gives a quick flip to view emails and change our tunes as we type. No, apple is not paying us to say these things, however we wish they would from how much we do talk about them. It’s our personal everything device, simply put. It lets us control our L3gaci business from all aspects. We’re creating our L3gaci, are you?