Dre Luv Music

Dre Luv Music comes from the heart, the type of melodic sounds that you turn up the volume and just chill out to. New Jersey Native, humble and thoughtful in his actions, decided at a time to leave the music scene, but instead sharpened his tools, and came back even stronger, ” Look Around” is that turn up chill music that’s been missing, not anymore!

Skate City Apple Arcade

Skate City is a profound enticing game to play, and here’s why! The realistic graphics will have you wondering the pitfalls of really skateboarding without the pain and injury but having fun instead. You can find yourself exploring the city all the while trying new tricks that enhance your leadership score against other users.

We have only begun playing this immersive game, as we navigate the many tricks you can perform. And so far it’s been intriguing! We give this a three star out of five thus far, as we continue to advance our skills, and share some exciting tricks with you.