Living Large in Havana, Cuba…..Part 1




What is life like in Cuba?

Well for starters, you must have permission to visit Cuba if your from the United States.  I won’t bore you with the logistics of obtaining a visa, health insurance, and itinerary to enter this beautiful time capsule of history.  Lets get to the nitty gritty of  Havana, Cuba.



Some may think of Cuba as a Latin country with people who resemble others from South America (fair skinned). Please do not make the mistake of mixing the two, Cubans will resent you for making such the assumption, because the largest Caribbean Island who’s association with the United States is African! Yes, you may watch the old sitcom show “LUCY” or remember the movie “Scarface” and assume all Cubans are fair skinned and macho? Well, Macho they are, but you have only scratched the surface of what United States under (Uncle Trump) would like to hide from us. From the time you step off the plane and on Cuban soil, you are greeted with the most exotic, beautifully shaped ,colored silhouettes of Cuban women ever! No makeup, bright smiles, beautiful eyes, and the patients as a lamb. Warning……you may get married if your single and looking! We will cover more on that in a later post, but lets get back to the Culture.


Food In Cuba…


Do not expect to walk to the corner store and pick up your favorite candy bar, or potato chips, your gonna be SOL. But you can purchase alcohol, cigars and water at these bodega type stops. There are NO fast food restaurants and most legit places to eat close early , so if your the type to eat late, you had better stock up early. I learned the hard way, but was pleasantly pleased with this all night bakery who only sold Pan (bread rolls) in which satisfied my hunger until the morning.


As for your selection of food, Pork is king! The taste of the fatty oink oink, is akin to no other, as this meat is so good, you would think it ate grass. The flavor is sensational and the way its prepared is old school Pitmaster style, slow roasted over a fire. The price of street Food is not that expensive , but can become pricey at sit down restaurants.

DSC_0469 (1).JPGDSC_0458 (1).JPG

Travel Around Cuba

Taxi service can be found anywhere, and no meter to track your charge, so make sure you have cash! We were fortunate to have a friend in Cuba with an on demand service. Hint: Cuban people only make an average of $22 a month, and that is a Doctors salary! Being a  taxi driver is a great means of making more than a doctor would , so you may find a doctor with many degrees driving you to your destination.  We opted for a guide who was a doctor! You can rent a vehicle, but you should do so months in advance!




coming soon……

Havana Cuba Portrait

Take a piece of Cuba. Original Portrait of Taxi cab in Havana,Cuba . 34"x 34" taken by Charles Ramie of L3GACI.



Piedmont Park Project

Known for the numerous activities hosted for the great city of Atlanta, Piedmont Park is the Central Park of New York!! From concerts to bike riding, swimming pools, soccer, and social gatherings, we often forget who has to maintain the grounds that we enjoy so much.

Charles decided to take on the task of seeing what it really takes to keep a park so beautiful. Volunteering to prune, weed, and preserve. The task of the day? Pick out tandem grass from the monkey grass!!! Why? Tandem grass grows wild, and will over populate the monkey grass that was intended for the landscape!! Still does not make since? Well, after pulling this wild grass for about 10 minutes, I encountered several interesting insects that I have only seen in pictures!!

It was the most amazing experience to capture a photo of a grasshopper in it’s environment so close, butterflies candidly flying around me as I clean, and a hard shell garden snail feasting on the mulch I just pulled! (The park attendant helped me place the snail back in a safe place within the garden). So who cleans these grounds on a regular basis? There are groundsmen who are trained to keep the grounds a certain way to keep the ecosystem balanced, but there are numerous volunteers who participate everyday!!

So what does this have to do about L3GACI? I thought you sold those amazing tee shirts? You promote others clothing lines? You direct us to other blogs about fashion? You share concert information?

L3GACI will always be a source of information, and we also believe that when we contribute to our community , we will leave a L3GACI (legacy) that will stand out, and have a profound impact on others!! What is your L3GACI?