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It’s Prosthetik

Not new to the L3GACI music scene Prostheik Intelligentz graced us with their newest EP “The Sounds & Wonders EP” with Gravity Movement.

Having our copy pre-ordered we clicked Download when the release email was sent.  Familiarized with their sound we enjoyed the journey of the EP.  However, Prostehik Intelligentz shocked us in a good way; their developing sound growing with their experience.
This EP left us satisfied in the moment; just as their track Brakes ended in the middle of my head nod I wanted more.

Not to worry we also snagged up “The Sounds & Wonders EP” as well as a copy of DOOMGOTBEATS’ Special Editon beat release titled “The Sade Experience!” All on their band camp; we’re one gift down on our Christmas list.

Prosthetik Intelligentz
Gravity Music

Catching up with Prosthetik Intelligentz

Over these past few months from our first blurb about Prosthetik Intelligentz, the network flow has only continued to grow.
 Frequently filling each others twitter time lines, sending an email about new music or the occasional text to catch up, I have learned more about these men and they have certainly continued to grow.  Composed of  producer/engineer Bryson “B. Doom” Dumas and Lyricist Ezra “Ezzie B.” Baptiste, not to forget the little green alien, Hip+Hop, taking root in North Carolina however extending their reach to where ever their music will take them.

Currently splitting their time state side and over seas in Africa, they have constantly been reshaping their music and mastering their talents.  Producing new tracks and working on collaborations with other groups, their message to spread hip hop is being heard, with their release of “Investment,” the first released track from their joint “Sounds & Wonders EP” project, presented by Prosthetik Intelligentz and GravityMovement, we can only expect more L3GACI style from them. A funny trio and certainly talented took some time to get a little more serious with us and catch us up on their music and let us share it with you.   

since we last talked what are some significant updates in the groups journey?

B. Doom (@doomgotbeats) has really went indoors and completely reconstructed and enhanced the quality of our sound. From the quality of the mix, track construction and mastery, our entire approach has been revamped for the better. We can’t wait to share the fruit of that process with you very soon! Ezzie B. (@mindmissiles) has been working to bolster our overall exposure, message and reach, as well as taking advantage of building opportunities with like-minded artists both near and far from Fayetteville, NC.

the summer time is a big time for groups, any exciting news on performances this summer?
The summer does always bring dope shows huh? 🙂 Well, Prosthetik Intelligentz will be splitting it’s summer between here in the states and abroad; mainly Africa. Our good friend Hip+Hop (@HIPplusHOP) recently decided to go on hiatus to the motherland and producer B. Doom decided to tag along. It’ll be an excellent experience and opportunity for him to both see the world of Africa, and create some safari-inspired sound because of it as well! The duo will continue to record and promote together as well as work towards a few new releases for you all! Hip+Hop will be bouncing back and forth between B. Doom in Africa and Ezzie B. in the US to make sure they are both remaining on task lol! You can chronicle his journey here: “The Marvelous Misadventures Of Hip+Hop

If you guys could pick any artist to work with, who would it be and why?
man… Picking one artist is kind of hard…. We’ve got ALOT of respect for all of the artists out grinding and trying to make a name for themselves today.. It’d be REALLY hard to narrow it down to one, even TWO names..

B. Doom: I’d dig working with Mr. Quincy Jones himself, along with Bruce Sweiden. JUST so I could see firsthand how the greats do it. I mean, I’ve made studying their sound, techniques and tips a ritual for myself as a producer/engineer, but to actually WATCH them do it… That’d be CRAZY..
Ezzie B.: As far as producers go, I’d like to work with Nottz Raw… He’s from back home in VA, and he’s ILL. I think it’d be amazing just to do a sit-in session with him. Or 9th Wonder even. He’s got a TEAM of All-Stars just right up the road from us in Fayetteville out in Winston-Salem; that camp had been causing ALOT of noise as of late.

Is there any advice you can share with musicians just starting out?
Just that if you feel like making music is something you REALLY want to do, meditate and find the REAL reason why first. Knowing why we do it is JUST as important to us as doing it. Hip-Hop to us is still a culture; our culture. We’re just trying to help preserve it. Knowing why you want to do it is very important.

 What has been the bands most memorable moment on the journey?
When we get emails or tweets or voicemails from people that have listened to our stuff, and they wanna tell us how they feel about it.. That’s REALLY rewarding. Just to know people appreciate something we do enough to want to tell us, it’s HUMBLING. NOTHING, not an email,  voicemail or tweet goes unappreciated. Those have been the milestones we have along the way to keep us motivated!

 If there is one thing you want your listeners to take from your music, what would it be?
Well, there’s two things actually:
1. That we mean what we say in our music. We don’t talk what we don’t live. It’s a little rule of ours. And-
2. We genuinely have lots of fun and gain such a release from doing this, it should be considered unfair. We LOVE making music for you guys and we love it even more when you guys love it!

 How has Prosthetik Intelligentz continued to Create, Inspire, Evolve society
Well, we’re always pushing limits and seeking to unearth a little more truth than society normally allows, but we’ll let our next project “The Sounds & Wonders EP” (w/ producer GravityMovement) answer that for us. Coming Soon!

Lastly when can the north east expect a show from you guys?
Ezzie B.: I’m planning a trip for sometime this summer to come show some love to our Northern Allies! I plan on bringing plenty of demo copies, and a whole lotta ruckus and rah-rah, so I hope you guys are ready! Hopefully I can coordinate that trip with a period when Hip+Hop’s in town so he can come with and help me rock the party!

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B. Doom
Ezzie B.


What’s in a name… Prosthetik Intelligentz

This past week we had the pleasure of hearing the beats from “Prosthetik Intelligentz” A fresh duo out of Fayetteville, North Carolina consisting of producer B.Doom and Emcee Ezzie B. This hard working duo will produce, mix, edit, burn and print their music and give it out for free to gain exposure, exactly what a L3gaci is all about. Pushing their beats with a positive outlook will get them far with the talent they have backing them.

At first with a name like “Prosthetik Intelligentz” we didn’t know exactly what to expect. However, as they say themselves, “What’s in a name?”. Instead of having “puffed up”, self applauding lyrics like some artist new to the scene, they bring to the plate refreshing, honest, original sounds.
Getting to listen to their “Man-Cave Music Mix-tape Compilation” a composite of volume 1 and 2 we heard a nice blending of hip-hop and soul. Their down to earth style comes out smoothly in their songs. Make sure you sit back, put your head phones on, and close your eyes to enjoy the beats that make you think, just like their name. “Prosthetik Intelligentz” is on the right track to making moves in the Hip-Hop community. Bringing a new sound and take on the culture, they are truly grabbing hold shaping their own L3GACI.

Make sure to check out their site The Marvelous Mis-Adventures of Hip-Hop , where one can follow the adventures of the “Little Green Guy” dubbed ‘Hip-hop’ and see where their music takes them. Stop by on Twitter and say hi, @mindmissiles, @doomgotbeatsto stay up to date on their happenings. You can always check out their sounds with a free download..
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“Prosthetik Intelligentz” they’re creating a L3gaci, are you?