We are… are you?

Time and time again, we talk about “The Process”. It is how we move our business. However, it is not a simple process, and it certainly isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. Yet, what would be the challenge?
In life usually the things that are the scariest to do are the things we should be trying to achieve. A quote I was told from a young age was simple, yet powerful “In life, the thing you are most afraid to do, is usually what you should be doing”. Even with that said, doing what one should, want, would love to do, can be the scariest thing of all. Even with the strongest mind set, taking on the task of becoming yourself is a daunting one and does not happen over night.
Here at L3GACI, we understand this. By now you know the story, an idea, someones thought, “baby” has launched a culture for us. Something the entire team loves doing, each one of our passions, coming together to create not just a carrer, not just a hobby, but a lifestyle we enjoy. Seeing how far the team has come, to where we are going is an amazing thing to see.

That is why this month has been a great reminder of what hard work can accomplish. Not just working towards a goal but putting ones self out there, breaking boundaries and changing the views of society. This month we have been featuring articles of just that, legends that have shown us just what exactly breaking the mold and going out of ones own comfort zone can accomplish. These individuals did not just make their presence known, but changed history, created a L3GACI.
We hope to do the same, show casing new and upcoming L3GACI’s while giving recognition to those who have already. Don’t let your surroundings shape you, grab hold and create your L3GACI. We are, are you?

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live”- dorothy thomas