National Stalker Awareness Month 2023

As we begin this new year, I hope you find this information and real life experience helpful, because Stalking is a Crime!

Stalking is a learned behavior that is purposeful in watching and following of an individual to cause harm. It is an uneasy feeling that can’t be justified, that someone is actually carrying out a crime against you and this individual seems to find pleasure in doing so. We have the Rejected Stalker, the Resentful Stalker, Intimacy seeking Stalker and the Predator Stalker! Im dealing with a Resentful Stalker and below is snapshot of what that is….

Resentful stalking arises when the stalker feels as though they have been mistreated or that they are the victim of some form of injustice or humiliation. Victims are strangers or acquaintances who are seen to have mistreated the stalker. Resentful stalking can arise out of a severe mental illness when the perpetrator develops paranoid beliefs about the victim and uses stalking as a way of ‘getting back’ at the victim. The initial motivation for stalking is the desire for revenge or to ‘even the score’ and the stalking is maintained by the sense of power and control that the stalker derives from inducing fear in the victim. Often Resentful stalkers present themselves as a victim who is justified in using stalking to fight back against an oppressing person or organisation.

My resentful stalker is someone I work with , who may have some underlying mental health issues ( more than likely) . The nature of the work we perform requires attention to detail and good listening skills. The behavior of this individual can be seen as aloof , and at times strange and confusing ( seen by many coworkers). It may seem innocent and not as a threat, but when a person targets another individual due to their personal shortcomings and others encourage this behavior by giving it pass, they are validating a stalker’s intentions. It’s A Crime!

I have been stalked at work by another individual at the same job site, who is still employed there. I believe that the current stalker is being coached how to harass and intimidate others by my previous stalker who may may still be seeking revenge. I had the help of police detectives , my personal physician, the stalker helpline to help assist in stopping the first stalker, and it seems I need to engage in documenting the activities of this new stalker! It is time consuming, but when the pieces are put together to take action, it helps to stop the stalker in their tracks.

Some [stalkers] will go so far as to try to sabotage everything about the target’s life, including their work, finances, and personal relationships, in order to render the target as helpless and isolated as possible. Often, this will escalate over time,