Workplace Chronicles, Stalking, How it Begins

Stalkers use what is termed a “Flying Monkey”to carry out their malicious attacks against other people.

National Stalker Awareness Month Workplace Chronicles

National stalker Awareness Month

Stalking someone because of a perceived hurt or insult can damage your reputation and cause others harm, please seek professional help if you feel the need to harm others.

Workplace Chronicles Stalking


Stalkers have a perception of made up relationship goals that when they are rejected, causes the stalker to increase the severity of their criminal behavior more! Placing blame on the victim for setting boundaries should never come into question, and those who ignore the warning signs , allow the stalker to engage in this behavior with others! Playing with someone heart and mind can be dangerous with the wrong person, please stop abusing others, and respect other’s boundaries.

Workplace Chronicles Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment

It is the most common type of workplace harassment. It is illegal and must be taken seriously. Examples of sexual harassment are sharing sexual photos or posters, inappropriate sexual touching or gestures, passing sexual comments, invading someone’s personal space sexually, etc.

Workplace Chronicles Stalking

Rejection is the beginning of where most Stalkers begin their criminal behavior. Mental health issues may contribute to the behavioral problems, but most stalkers use others to carry out their agenda. You may be watched by numerous others, who innocently don’t understand why they are being told lies about you or rumors that don’t add up. Gossip from a particular source may be where the problem lies, you Stalker.