Another Day – Jae Jin Ft. J. Han & C. Note

Musicial artists Jae Jin, J. Han, and C. Note team up for the inspirational single “Another Day”. The song deals with the struggles of living a purpose driven life with God. Here’s more from Jae in about the track:

“My vision for this song was to address a basic human struggle that I knew all three of us have often dealt with throughout our lives, albeit in different ways. I know that each of us have seen examples of weakness and brokenness in our lives, and have each seen how God has met us there. While each of us know that our hope and our home is in Christ alone, and not in this world, it’s still a constant struggle living each and every day, struggling to stay faithful and hopeful in the face of suffering, evil, pain, hurt, and the myriad of examples of hopelessness we witness and experience. I asked both James and Chris to honestly write about this struggle in living day by day.”


Rating: 50/50